Empowering UK primary school pupils to take action against climate change

Who we are


Trees for Change is a new initiative created by Nigel Little, a dynamic educator who for ten years worked to develop and deliver the education program for the rainforest charity Size of Wales. His goal is to help children understand that they can take lasting action to help fight the effects of climate change. 


To do this he has teamed up with Ru Hartwell- a maverick forestor who has been instrumental in the planting of over 4 million trees in Kenya.


Our aims


To educate about the links between deforestation and climate change


To empower with the knowledge that pupil action can make a difference


To encourage action to help us plant trees in the Bore region of Kenya


To improve health and wellbeing by working to alleviate climate anxiety

What we offer

  • Free monthly online quizzes for  FP/KS1/FL & KS2/L2
  • Online/inperson* school workshops with Nigel
  • Online follow up sessions & resources

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Contact Nigel

Telephone: 07891 617497